Tidung Island: Explore The Underwater Paradise

What does it mean to Tidung Island? Why many tourists who visit the island Tidung and always wanted to go back holidaying there? Various kinds of tourism activities tidung island which can be found in the region of a thousand islands in jakarta. Beauty underwater and beautiful coral reefs will make you forget the time when traveled on the island tidung. You can visit the breeding of hawksbill and sharks in the island scout, diving and underwater beauty in Tidung island, plant trees or mangroves and air mangroup culinary resto floating island that provides snacks culinary tidung sea was absolutely delicious.

Tidung Island

Tidung island is one of the inhabited islands are a favorite destination for tourists in cheap Jakarta thousand islands. an unique maritime tourist island exotic tidung in north Jakarta. Starting price of 250 thousand IDR per person and cheap travel packages saving option provided you are able to go to feel the beauty of the island Tidung.

The trip to the island Tidung of jakarta requires 2.5 hours of Muara Angke - Jakarta with regular boats or speedboats Citra AC jet takes 1.5 hours and from Marina Ancol with luxury speedboat and expres about one hour with full amenities and luxury. In addition Tidung Island and attractions Thousand Islands, a favorite of tourists who visited and interesting is the Scout Island, Hope Island, Pari Island and many other islands that I cannot mention one by one.

Many travels that provide cheap travel packages to the island Tidung at economical and affordable price for all you who want to vacation to the beach and want a taste of the island Tidung tourist activities. you will be satisfied with all the cheap package provided. you definitely want to come back to enjoy the beauty of the island Tidung.